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Superspy Science

I was watching “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”  again, and the biggest emphasis on this episode’s technology was placed around its battery life. There’s a finite amount that can be done at this point to distinguish fictional communication devices from reality’s smartphones and the like, and charge duration seems to be one of a few qualities that tells people that they’re not actually living in old science fiction

That probably contributes to the decreased focus on outlandish technology in the newer Bond films too. At least he still has car missiles, though. Or he would. He just happened to be out of ammunition in this one.


Bonus Question!

"Why does a man choose the life of an assassin?" "Well, it was that or the priesthood."

In either case, you can get a biretta. 


Extra Bonus!

How was it?

It's probably my favourite of the Craig saga.

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