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I woudn’t readily say that “Pan” was a film I explicitly craved, but the guy who thought that mixing fairy tales with the sensibilities of “Moulin Rouge!” was a good idea could easily be an acquiantance I’d enjoy making. The thing even opened around a diegetic rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by a crowd of pirates, which is doubly welcome for

being the best song from the Lurhmann film to be conspicuously absent from both of its soundtracks. I’ll admit that featuring a dude named Hook who has no hook on his person feels almost like having a Wolverine without claws. In fairness, my favourite performance in the movie came from Hugh Jackman, whose keratin deficiency here includes 

his scalp in addition to his declawed hands. But any lack of ferocity or follicle is easily balanced by sheer flamboyancy.


Bonus Question! 

Best song that wasn't excluded from both of the "Moulin Rouge!" soundtracks?  

 "Lady Marmalade". That cover is also my preferred version of the song.

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