Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

Cold Creche


Light on a leaf brings a spark of relief

To lands unattended and pale.

Let hollow terrain now swallow its pain

Neath winter's immaculate veil.

A vasty white cloak might threaten to choke 

Vitality's mote from the earth,

But there's hope to be found through the chills that surround

The seeds that precede a rebirth.



A barren disguise hides the immiment rise 

Of vibrancy's stubborn return.

It's hanging on still with the flickering will 

Of a candle's resilient burn.

Under frigid veneer, a new reign is near.

It stirs as its spirit grows strong.

Naught's fully lost in the fastness of frost,

And nothing is fallow for long.



Copyright © 2011, Jaymes Buckman and David Aaron Cohen. All rights reserved. In a good way.