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Failing to Awaken

I just had a recurring dream that was limited to one night. Each rendition brought distinct variations, but the general plot was the same.


In reality, my brother invited the family out to see the new “Star Wars” film. He booked the tickets in advance, and he was quite insistent against tardiness. Punctuality’s not my main suit, but I was willing to put forth the effort.

But this dream came up on the night before the viewing. Despite the fact that the movie wasn’t happening till the evening, I was incapable of leaving in time largely because I couldn’t wake up. I’m not the best at early rises, but this seemed excessive. And the dream just kept happening with all sorts of permutations. In one version, the theatre wasn’t even involved. We were watching it in my room for some reason, and I still showed up late.


However, as I write this, I’m fairly confident in my ability to get to the cinema with reasonable promptness tonight. The Force may be with me, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t even need it.


Bonus Question!

What alternative band would Kylo Ren sing for?

Pixies. Then they wouldn't have to break up after Black Francis's departure, and Kylo might not have turned evil. Music can be a good outlet for the Dark Side.

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