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Jeffrey Dean Deadshot

I first fell into “Secret Six” a few years ago, and that wonderful Gail Simone series was almost definitely my strongest connection to the DC universe before the New 52. This happened to be during the same summer in which “The Losers” came out in theatres, which probably reinforced my fondness for the idea that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would make a great Deadshot if a film ever got made.

For his ostensibly heterosexual life mate, Catman, I might have gone for Owen Wilson, but that’s beside the point. Beside the point . . . In bed!

But I think that Gail Simone actually went on to say that that implication was part of the plan.

So. That’s alright.

At the time, I didn’t really have any concept about Deadshot’s most famous team, the Suicide Squad, a group to which the Six served as a sort of spiritual successor in some ways.

But now they’re getting a movie, and Will Smith is Deasdshot. That didn’t really seem like a bother, for the likelihood of getting the one guy you imagined in a role is pretty low anyway. Thus, Smith basically seemed to be on the level of everyone who’s not Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Whatever. I’ll probably like it. I think that the performance I want to see most in that film is Jared Leto in the Joker role. I’m not too familiar with that guy, but I’m curious about what his eccentric talent can bring to the character. He might also be the only other one in the cast I remember. Unless Oprah is actually being brought in to play Amanda Waller? Big, strong, black woman who gets ahead by sheer force of being what she is? Clearly.

But then I saw this poster.

It’s not a film I was ever going to see, but I’ll be damned even further if that doesn’t look like a good Floyd Lawton.


Bonus Question!

Who's Floyd Lawton? Oh. Right. He's Deadshot. I could have explained that. But that's what context's for!


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