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I saw the new “Terminator” trailer at the cinema a few days ago.

There’s a franchise with some thematic focus on symmetry. You know? Time loops and that. What I was reminded of from this advertisement seemed to offer its own kind of symmetry.


You know that guy Cable? Temporally displaced avatar of Nineties comics? Big gun, cybernetic arm, and a matching eye? At the very least, those last aspects could easily be linked to the fact that he was created at the apex of “Terminator” popularity, and few would argue that Arnold’s implacable cyborg wasn’t some kind of influence on Cable’s conception. Rob Liefeld, his designer, wasn’t exactly shy about that sort of thing.

The character eventually grew beyond his relatively simplistic origins, and one of his most significant stories in recent years involved his adventures through time with a young girl he protected and trained to survive in apocalyptic conditions.

And now that seems to basically be what’s being done by Cable’s inspiration, the Terminator. Symmetry!

And the film that my viewing of this advertisement preceded was “Hot Tub Time Machine 2”. So. You know. Extra time travel stuff in that whole mix. And that was pretty good too.


Bonus Question!

Best time machine? A DeLorean inside a TARDIS with the Time Gem in the back seat. It's the turducken of time travel!


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