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Ascendant Elements

I  managed to make room in my schedule to see “Jupiter Ascending”. I had more fun with it than I might have thought. I think that this time in 2014 saw a bit of a drought in cinemas that led me to see “3 Days to Kill” in part because I’d heard that it was done by the guys from “The Fifth Element”. No such drought currently seems to be in effect, which is why I only saw the Wachowski movie recently. It wasn’t a priority. But then it turned out to be fun in that lovely “Fifth Element” kind of way. In a bit of a reversal from that film’s central dynamic, the dude in this is the aloof alien, and the girl he’s protecting is the more relatable earthling. But it still has that feeling of madcap cosmic craziness. It's probably the type of space opera that I was waiting for when I let "Interstellar" pass by me. It’s a flamboyant adventure that’s played fairly straight through all of the outlandish elements it proudly displays. There seemed to be more whispering in this than there was in "Element", though. With the exception of Mila Kunis. But when she did whisper, everyone else’s whispers got even softer.


Bonus Question!

Best Jupiter? Camp.

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