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Time of the Season for Rob Thomas

After “Sandman” and “Secret Six”, “iZombie” was probably my favourite comic published by DC for a good while. I can’t bother to elucidate all the reasons for this. Many are indeed elusive. The Allred charm is there, though, and despite my previous experiences with his work, this was his first trip into my heart. I might even say that it set me up to derive greater enjoyment from his later ventures like “FF” and “Silver Surfer”.

From the first I heard about the television adaptation, I basically assumed that the original’s mojo couldn’t be completely captured in the medium change. It seemed reasonable. I was still curious enough. Now I’ve learned that it’s being done by the “Veronica Mars” guy.

I remember seeing the commercial for that show’s film a year ago. It looked decent before I even knew that it wasn’t just a random movie, and I enjoyed the full experience despite the fact that I’d never had any contact with the series. This pleasure was bolstered by the presence of a wide sampling of the cast of “Party Down”, a program I did watch. That turned out to be from the same guy too. Rob Thomas? Rob Thomas. I think.

Anyway, “Veronica Mars” definitely has its own quirky appeal, and I think that that will function as a serviceable substitute for much of what’s lost in the transition from an Allred comic book.

So good.   

So good.


Bonus Question!

Best zombie? White Zombie.

It's basically just a White Russian with expired milk.

That I totally just made up.

You should drink it anyway. It'll be good.

And . . . Hey. St Patrick's Day still hasn't technically happened yet. I think that I know what your drink of the night is. Enjoy.


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