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Fast Times

The blessed line that followed the climax of the previous “Furious” movie, the first one that I saw in theatres, was “How did you know that there would be a car there to break your fall?”

I mean . . . That’s how you know, isn’t it? So good.

If I had to pick a roughly equivalent moment in “Furious 7”, it would be an exchange between Vin Diesel and the passenger in the car he was about to drive off a cliff. It was less explicit, though. The significance is in the implication when Vin tells her to put a helmet on. She questions his lack of cranial protection. He says nothing. But that says enough. For he is Vin Diesel, and his head is a helmet of grandeur.

Also, driving a car off a cliff is one of the less impressive automotive flights that are taken in this movie. This scene came shortly after one in which he was one of a group that drove cars out of a plane. So . . . You know. He’s probably not too worried anyway.


Bonus Question!

Best fast? Lent.


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