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I vaguely recall having no interest in “Pitch Perfect” when it came out. However, by the time I saw the trailer for the sequel, several members of the cast had become known to me in positive ways. I decided that I’d probably have to catch up at some point before the release of “Pitch Perfect 2”, though I did nothing to hurry that process. This past week rewarded my sluggishness with the opportunity to see the original film at my favoured cinema, and the expected good time was had. Ready for the sequel now.


Bonus Question! 

Best pitch? Curveball. Really curvy. Like that movie "Wanted". With baseballs. I guess. I don't know. Now I'm just thinking about a battle between James McAvoy and Boomerang. Bullseye could come too if he truly did find his path to criminality in baseball like Boomerang. I don't know why professional baseball seems to be such a villainous place in the Marvel universe. The X-Men obviously prove that there's nothing wrong with the backyard variety, and Thing and Sasquatch seemed to be on track for the big leagues with their collegiate football careers before they turned into superhero monsters. I don't know, man. Marvel's MLB can be a dangerous place. 

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