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Generation Fap

Young people will always complain about old people, and the old will always do the same about the young. Obvious stuff. I mean . . . People of all types are always going to complain about whatever they want. But these two codified forms of dissatisfaction just passed across my mind. Though there's little of actual relevance in the standard case of either, anyone with a yen to assign points might be convinced to give a slight bonus to the youth for the mere fact that they generally seem to accept the idea that this has always been the state of things, believing that the old are eternally awful, whereas the opposite camps of modernity, ancientry, and all intervening points frequently speak as though their successors are breaking disastrous new ground when they mess up in the same basic ways.

But if that bonus were ultimately given, I suspect that it would be very slight indeed.


Bonus Question!

Greatest generation? Pepsi. 

Well, I don't know about the greatest, but it must surely rank.


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