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Rarity and Mediocrity

I remember discussing Kevin James movies with an old friend and coming to the conclusion that their rarity obviated any considerations of mediocrity. You know? Dwayne Johnson’s always delightful, but a season that contains the glory of “Furious 7” alongside something like “San Andreas”, which has nothing particular beside its lead to draw me in any especial way, can actually result in the skipping of one after distinct appreciation of the other. This doesn’t generally seem to be the case with Kevin James, though, and the perceived infrequency of his cinematic appearances bolstered the highlight status of “The Zookeeper” in my mind. I was thinking about this as I enjoyed the “Paul Blart” sequel a few days ago.

Then I heard that the titular mall cop would also be appearing in the imminent “Pixels”, which I was probably going to see anyway. Two Kevin James movies in such proximity? Absurd and delightful! Let’s do this.


Bonus Question!

Best zoo workers? The Mighty Boosh.

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