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The Scab of Continuity

Marvel's new "Secret Wars" series is coming out now, bearing some thematic similarities to the DC "Crisis on Infinite Earths". The resemblance hasn't hurt chatter about the potential of "Wars" to reboot Marvel's universe as "Crisis" did for its company. Marvel hasn't historically done stuff like that, whereas DC has done so on several occasions since that seminal "Crisis".

Dealing with continuity in a fictional universe of this grand breadth can  be like having a scab. DC seems to do so with compulsive fervour, constantly picking at it and generating new messiness in the process. Marvel, with its more consistent adherence to the idea of a sliding time scale and a willingness to overlook occasional bits of slight oddness instead of shuffling the cosmos around trifles, is content to let the scab sit and do its own thing, which generally brings less in the way of blemishes.


Bonus Question!

Best crisis? Personality.


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