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The new “Mad Max” is out. Fantastic. Unlike previous classic films I postponed for ages, including one of Mad Mel’s “Lethal Weapon” movies, the road warrior’s other cinematic appearances never seemed to pop back up in the theatre for me. I just gradually caught up alone.

I actually just sat down with “Thunderdome” a short while ago. I can’t imagine that I’d have any trouble with “Fury Road” if I hadn’t, but I maintain the soundness of my decisions on the matter regardless. The series just improved continually. I can’t say that Charlize Theron is an obvious replacement for Tina Turner or anything, but she does her own thing, and she does it well. Quite well. Tom Hardy’s always a fine performer too, and his titular character happened to seem quite eager to part with his old Bane mask, which did occur in due course.


Bonus Question!

Handsomest Hardy?

Despite my general willingness to appreciate the man on the whole, I've not generally been able to adequately grasp the intensity with which some admire Tom's bare visage, though I readily admit that I don't tend to be the finest judge of beauty when it comes to any face that does not appear in my looking glass with regularity. He's obviously not unattractive, but I've never thought that his face was what set him apart. I recall being confused by a scene from that spy romance with Chris Pine in which the female lead's friend salivates over head shots of the two men. The Pine part made a bit of sense, but I'd think that Hardy's hard body would be his advantage from a visual standpoint. After all of that work he put in to mould his musculature to that of the many mighty men he's portrayed? I think that his character might have been acclaimed for his superior sartorial skills too. But he was judged to be a match for Pine with nothing but a facial photograph.

Anyway, I personally think that he was quite comely in that old "Star Trek" movie from the Nineties. The one that steadfastly refused to do any favours for his career. I never actually saw it. Incidentally, I did think that Hoult's "Fury Road" character bore a touch of physical resemblance to Tom's "Trek" creature. Hardy looked quite good here too, though. His guy in "Inception" is probably up there too. I don't really remember. And I probably wouldn't know even if I did.

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