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Revenant Remakes


I almost wonder if the bile some people have for remakes might be partially due to the often extraneous implications of the term. When you remake a house, you tear the thing down to build a new thing in its place. That’s not really the case for artistic remakes. Those are closer in spirit to building a similar structure across the street. Or an architectural revival. It's not ever as though any bricks are being stolen. They could just share a constitution. The painters may have even taken a look at the inspiration's swatches. 

To me, remakes often just seem like broad adaptations that happen to use the same medium. And I tend towards a general acceptance of that breadth in adaptations of any kind. The source is there for what it is, leaving all kinds of room for interpretation in its spirit.

I think that an ideal remake is the new house across the street that's haunted by some of the old one's ghosts.

Bonus Question!

Last movie you saw? The new "Poltergeist". But I only remembered that after I finished this whole thing about remakes and haunted houses. 

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