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Of Glitches Good and Ill


I first tried to watch “Howl’s Moving Castle” some years ago. I rented it from a video store of independence and solid repute. But the damned disc skipped in the middle. I never got around to trying again.

But a local bar recently held a free Studio Ghibli festival, and that film was screened as part of the deal. Great times. But then it broke down around the same place. Fortunately, the problem was solved through the valiant working of some technological magic, and I managed to enjoy 

the rest of the film. It’s a good one, and it even features Christian Bale’s Batman voice before its appearance in his Batman movies.

The same bar later hosted a "Reboot" marathon, which happened to be followed in the ensuing week by the official announcement of the show's revival. Ominous! 


Bonus Question! 

Best boot? Italy's quite nice. Especially so at this time of year.

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