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A Sum of Sams and a Mess of Maxes


Though I never really had any great investment in it, "Spawn" was a franchise that drifted around my periphery. My childhood began in the Nineties. It seemed inevitable. But I only read an actual comic with the character quite recently. I picked it up out of vague curiosity after I heard that the series was bringing back the character who originally bore the title. 

It's alright. Whatever. I've read a few issues since. The current arc began with a heavy emphasis on Sam and Twitch, two police officers. I was already somewhat aware of their ancillary status in the franchise, but whenever I heard their names, I was reminded of "Sam and Max", another property that dwelt around the fringes of my childhood. These characters also happened to be lawmen. They were anthropomorphic animals, but that did nothing to weaken their dedication to serve and protect. I suppose that it didn't do anything to heighten it either. My firmest memory of it seems to be related to my brother's recital of the cartoon's theme song, which I can't even recall terribly well at all. I do remember that the latter name was sometimes replaced with “Mark” in the mouth of my sibling, a reference to the brother of our neighbour Sam. Another level for the tune to work on.

Anyway, my reading of "Spawn" revealed that the given name of the man who bears the nickname "Twitch" is actually "Max". Does that not serve to provide my customary confusion between the two duos with a little extra dose of vindication? 

I don't know. Maybe it doesn't. Probably. But it feels like that anyway.

Bonus Question!

Best Sam? Hain. 



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