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A Siesta for Saga


I believe that I've documented my experiences with Brian Vaughan's "Saga" around here to some degree in the past. Like many readers, I'm left with a mood of excited curiosity when I reach the story's regular hiatus points, though I tend to arrive at those points later than others. That's because it's generally passed from the fore of my mind before its resumption. I've had similar experiences with half seasons of television shows in the past.

Anyway, I was tardy to the party again, but I came upon the urge to read more of Vaughan's cosmic opus before the end of his recent batch. I basically caught up right on time to be ready for the final issue of this run, which was just released. This feels new to me. I doubt that my satisfaction with the actual comic will, though. 


Bonus Question! 

Why is Windows skipping from version 8 to 10?

Because 9 was eaten! By 7!  

Or the correct version of that joke! 

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