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Shot Foot


New "Terminator" movie. I just . . . That foot thing. All of the technology that goes into robots to allow them to pass as humans . . . He can't even give a token attempt at mimicking pain, that basic component of the living experience, when he gets shot in the foot? That's what reveals his automation? That stoic facade without the barest acknowledgement of a bullet in the foot. Or like . . . Acknowledgement of anything at all.


It was still a fair film. I've never paid the closest attention to the franchise, but I'd probably place it second or third. Obviously, the first sequel is an unimpeachable classic, and the Christian Bale one is at least nice conceptually. And it has Christian Bale. Ooh! And that Russian kid. And I think that it might have been part of that push for that Sam Worthington fellow? But that guy never really jumped out at me. That's not really a point in either column. Maybe it was part of a Russian kid push too, though. It was right after "Star Trek".

Oh, and J.K. Simmons is great. That's not too surprising. But his character happens to be the calmest, most reasonable guy around, which is somewhat less typical.

Anyway, this securely gets my acclaim for the best Jennifer Lawrence performance in a time travel adventure since "Days of Future Past". In fairness, my greater fondness for the "X­-Men" film doubtlessly has more to do with my preference for the franchise than it does with the actual presence of Jennifer Lawrence, who happens to be inconspicuously absent here. 


Bonus Question! 

Best Worthington? Warren III. 

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