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Bond on Bond

I saw "Spy". Good times. But I did wonder why Jude Law suppressed his English accent. It seems like an odd thing to do for someone who's essentially playing a parody of James Bond. Peter Serafinowicz, playing a different version of the same archetype, gave a  vocal performance that carried extra doses of strangeness to my ear. In additon to being British, he's a dude who's known for his naturally glorious voice. The man even followed in the James Earl Jones tradition of providing the speech for a Sith Lord with another's body. But his own tones are set aside in service of some generically foreign thing.

Whatever. The guys were still great. No real detractions. It just felt slightly wasteful.

I think that Statham kept his natural voice, though. But isn't he least known for his elocution?


Bonus Question!

Best bond? Gleipnir.

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