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Dink Pix


I saw "Pixels". I do things like that.

I'm not entirely sure that I had enough awareness before to know with great certainty that it was a live film, but I'm alright to go in with a bit of mystery. There were some nice surprises among the cast too. Kevin James is never unwelcome in cinema, and such appearances seem to be growing commoner. I remember when their rarity seemed to warrant appreciation by itself.

Apart from Sandler, Dinklage was the only other name on the cast list in my head, and my knowledge of that mainly came from complaints of people who expressed shock at the man's presence in a film of perceived mediocrity. But this isn't even the worst Dinklage film I've seen. In fairness, it's not the best either. That spot's comfortably filled by "Days of Future Past", which featured him in the role of a villain in the Seventies. In this one, the antagonist he portrays just acts as though he were in the Seventies. 


Bonus Question! 

Pac-Man versus Q*bert? I think that they might actually get along quite well. Pac-Man has a decent look for a solar deity, and Q likes to hang around pyramids, which means that he probably has some familiarity with gods of dubious humanity who like to consume ghosts. 

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