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Cats and Cheese! Dragons and Hair!

The new "Dragonball" movie was playing at a local cinema recently, and there was this lazy cat god who got dragged in to save the world through judicious use of culinary bribes. He happened to be an alien cat god. I suppose that that adds efficacy to the whole food strategy. You've got the classic trope of feline gluttony in concert with the eager sense of discovery that comes from an extraterrestrial being's first exposure to new sensory experiences. But it did feel weird when one of his featured discoveries was cheese. I don't know. It just seemed incongruous for a cat to be unaware of cheese. A cat god at that. I mean . . . I suppose that he wasn't actually a god of cats. A deity with duties that relate to cats and their myriad interests. He was just a god who happened to be a cat. Still. Bit of oddness.

But do you know what didn't seem incongruous at all? The fact that the protagonist's new ultimate form was distinguished primarily by blue hair. If Strong Bad has taught the world anything about anime, it is the utter importance of blue hair, a thing that must be had.

Bonus Question!

Best Strong Bad anime lesson apart from blue hair? Shiny eyes.


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