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My affection for Gaiman's interpretation of Lucifer and the consequent Vertigo series by Mike Carey, which featured the titular being on existential quests through the cosmos, isn't something that can warrant much doubt. The erstwhile hell lord's new television program, which I shall at least surely sample, doesn't really appear to take much from those comics beyond the protagonist. It looks to be some form of supernatural procedural show.

But last year also saw televisin adapt an epic Vertigo fantasy I adored into an almost unrecognisable form. That was "iZombie", and it turned out to be enjoyable by itself. Like the new "Lucifer" show, it took a sardonic protagonist away from most of its source's uncanny trappings into a somewhat more grounded setting with a focus on solving crimes amidst ambient weirdness and commendable character work. 

It doesn't sound eminently appealing as a pitch, but "iZombie" was one of my favourite comic book shows anyway. I don't know whether "Lucifer" will reach that level, but it shouldn't be too far below.

Bonus Question!

Best existential quest through the cosmos? I don't know, but it probably has something to do with the Silver Surfer. 

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