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Brian Michael Bendis was the writer who made me want to read Spider­Man comics. It was fairly early in the run of his original "Ultimate Spider­Man" series when I saw an issue at some big hardware store or something on an errand run with my father. I didn't generally gravitate towards the Ultimate comics or any of Spidey's various books on my trips to the comic shop, but this one nestled neatly among the magazines by the cash desk on a completely unrelated excursion. I wasn't going to turn down a bonus comic.

I don't think that Peter even appeared as Spider­-Man in the issue. He was just talking to Mary­-Jane for most of it. But something about the writing style rapped me hard. When I finally started to pay a bit of attention to the names of the people who were making the comics in later life, Bendis's easily secured a place of prominence in my mind.

And now he's writing Iron Man's new series. That seems appealing. But it's also amusing now, for the latest Peter Parker volume, with which Brian has nothing particular to do, seems to be pushing its protagonist into a Tony Stark role. It's got a focus on Pete's giant science corporation, his adventures around the world, his gadgetry, and his celebrity status. And as Spider­-Man acquires all of these aspects that are traditionally associated with Iron Man, Bendis's run on the latter character is set to prominently feature Mary­-Jane. Decent trade? 


Bonus Question! 

Best iron? Sky. 


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