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An Extended Eve


I take no issue with the premature proliferation of Halloween. It's akin to the spirit that's always in my heart anyway. Why would I protest?

But the one attendant pitfall I remember from childhood was the increased time I was given to consider my costume by the preponderance of sales that basically started with the school year. I'd start to gather up accesorries early, but in that protuberant period before the event, I'd have all sorts of time to change my mind. Thus, Halloween would see me in a fantastic outfit that I'd probably finished within a few days of that holy night while my house was littered with purchased components of costumes that would never manifest.

But now there's no fantasy I'd want to embody over that of Jaymes Buckman, and that's the costume I'll wear forevermore.


Bonus Question!

Halloween movie?

"The Halloween Tree". I've spoken of it before, and I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again.

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