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Days of Future Kings

So. Details about the new Wolverine movie surfaced right after I discovered and hastily devoured Patrick Stewart's fabulous series "Blunt Talk". But I don't really play close attention to such information until the product's released. I caught sight of pictures that show Logan driving Xavier around, though, and now there's a part of me that hopes for the film to basically be a mutant version of "Blunt Talk" with Wolvie in place of the manservant. It's already pretty close. A friendship forged in the fires of war between some hirsute soldier dude and his obsessively dedicated leader?

And then Logan would calm him down with a bedtime reading of T.H. White's "The Once and Future King".

Incidentally, news of new "X-Men" comics broke recently too, which should do something to quell those nonsense theories about Marvel's plans to quash that line of books because of Fox stuff. Never mind the fact that Deadpool's been pushed consistently for a decade despite the same supposed issues with licensing. For instance. But anyway. I do get the feeling that the fictional Marvel company that exists within the universe of actual Marvel comics, which publishes stories based on the superheroes that exist there, probably does ignore the X-Men. Sometimes at least. You know. Because of all the hate and fear.


Bonus Question!

Best future king? Kang. Also a strong contender for a past king. He never could seem to crack the present, though. 

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