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Time Flies Like a Falcon or Not at All


Man! That movie. "Miss Peculiar's Home". That one. All the odd charm of one of the weirder X-Men spinoff books. And the Second World War! Like . . . If Eva Green's falcon lady is the Professor X of this situation, Sam L. is like a Mister Sinister who's understudying for Magneto for some reason. 

And the love element was interesting. You know that whole manic pixie thing that pervades a lot of modern cinematic romance? The girl's this flighty little sprite who invigorates the listless male protagonist, giving him purpose by making him her anchor to the world. I liked how this film literalised that dynamic while it eschewed the actual archetypes that would otherwise form it. The female here is physically lighter than air, and she allows the main boy to hold the tether that prevents her from floating off into sky. But apart from that, she's a fairly prim, serious individual. Her casting sheet would not have called for a young Zooey Deschanel type. Although an avian Zooey actually seems quite easy to imagine. Maybe she's off in America, running a peculiar home there. 


Bonus Question!

What do you call a fat peregrine's belly?

Falcon Paunch!

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