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Some affair between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher on the set of "A New Hope" just came to light, which seems almost like a redundant confirmation. Maybe it feels like that to me because I was introduced to "Star Wars" before I was fully cognisant of the exact lines between actor and character. I didn't even realise that he had a wife at the time to cheat on. But what interests me is the fact that this revelation occurred in the year after the new "Star Wars" comics, written by someone who wasn't even born when the first movie was released, introduced Sana Starros, who married Han before the films in the galactic equivalent of a Vegas wedding. But he apparently forgot to divorce her before he joined the Rebellion and started pulling moves with Leia. It was an affair between the characters before anyone knew it was one between their portrayers. Art imitates life? Life imitates art? Art and life sit around and fondle each other in blindfolds?

Bonus Question!

Best secret "Star Wars" lover?

Well, I did like the Anakin-Padme elopement with robot witnesses, but I've got to give it to Obi-Wan's girlfriend Satine from "The Clone Wars" for simultaneously being a delightful "Moulin Rouge!" reference and getting an earnest fellow like Kenobi to consider leaving his entire Jedi life for her. But honestly, it's mostly the "Moulin Rouge!" thing.

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