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Thinking more about Doctor Strange.

He's finally on screen in a real big way, and that's splendid. He may not be making many grandiloquent declamations in that classical Vincent Price style from some of his earlier appearances on the page, but he's not doing much of that in the comics at the moment either. He's more casual now. And that makes sense. The dude was a doctor. He was an arrogant dastard, but I don't really imagine that he walked in to the surgery with lines like "By the olden oaths of Hippocrates, I abjure thee, cancer!" He already suffered a bit of ostracism for his vanity. If he'd indulged in those sorts of theatrics at work, it would've made it far more difficult for him to achieve the level of success he did before the accident. Then why did he start talking like that when he gained mastery of the mystic arts? Well, he was coming off the loss of the majestic dexterity that had enabled his career and fortune in addition to defining much of his self-image and propping up his enormous ego. 

All of that was taken away. He might have found a new path in life, but I'd imagine that he was still dealing with some massive insecurity. Leaning into some caricatural concept of mysticism with those dramatic cadences probably functioned as some sort of coping mechanism. 

But that was a while ago. In comic book time, we're talking about something in the neighbourhood of a decade. He's more comfortable in himself now. He's embraced his position in the magical world. Who needs to be some superior surgeon when you're the Sorcerer Supreme?

He doesn't need to cling to those exaggerated archaisms anymore. He's securer now.

He probably still indulges when he's in the mood, though.

Bonus Question!

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