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Rule of Law


I saw "Rules Don't Apply". It was long. I don't think that I've ever been later to a movie. And I'm late to a lot of movies. But it still felt like a meaty experience. 

It had a slightly farcical whimsy that seemed fitting, for that's the sort of quality I liked in Howard Hughes. The only other film I've seen with an explicit focus on the man was "The Aviator", and the greatest levity in that was mainly centred in that one scene wherein Jude Law gave a lovely turn as Errol Flynn. Which was of course awesome. Good movie. Different movie. This one just emphasised more of what I'd seek about the subject matter. Also. That one scene with Warren Beatty's teary eyes in the dark? Such pathos! They should call him Warren Beady! Am I right? Who knows? But I'm not sorry.

Bonus Question!

Kevin versus Rider! Battle of Flynns!

Well, one's a digital Jedi Lebowski, and the other's a roving rascal. With a sardonic horse. It's a pretty even match. It really comes down to the facial hair, and I personally prefer Flynn Rider's subtler goatee over Kev Flynn's bushier beard. 

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