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Mercs and Martians

My brother invited me out to see "Deadpool" shortly before I was planning on going out to "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". In the end, the day contained both. They seemed to fit together quite nicely. One's about a dude who can't die, and the other featured a horde for whom death didn't take. Both were dissonantly romantic.

I remember hearing that shawarma sales shot up across the continent after "The Avengers" was released. I wonder if "Deadpool" had a similar effect on chimichangas.

Is Martian Manhunter going to be in the Justice League movie? Will that influence the Oreo market? Hm. He's in the Supergirl show right now, but I haven't seen him touch one.

He did it all for the cookie.

He did it all for the cookie.

Bonus Question!

Tacos! Hard shell or soft?

Hard. I feel that the soft variety is somewhat redundant in a world with several essentially similar concoctions. There's not much to separate it from all sorts of other wraps. The hard shell is an identifier unique to the taco, which is why it shall always be the canonical type to me.

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