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I've been watching the televisual adaptations of "The Magicians" and "Lucifer". The former feels slightly darker in tone than its source while the latter is far lighter. Actually, it seems mildly disingenuous to market"Lucifer" with explicit claims of its basis on the Vertigo comic. It would be more accurate to say that it's based on the Miltonian characterisation of a figure that's somewhat compatible with Vertigo's interpretation.

Oh. And the latest "Supergirl" episode featured Martian Manhunter quite heavily. His Oreo fixation's back! I mean . . . They were called Chocos instead, but that's the DC name for Oreos when they're feeling inclined towards that sort of obfuscation. So. You know. Alien cookie love. Good times.

Bonus Question!

Manhunter versus Cookie Monster! Cookie Contest!

I don't think that the Martian really stands a chance of eating more unless the competition only includes Oreos. Or Chocos. Then it might at least be close.

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