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Inexplicable Hair


I heard that Michael Keaton's been cast to play the villain in Marvel's first proper Spider-Man film in their movie universe. It's got to be Norman Osborn, hasn't it? I think that the hair has to be the prime reason. Right? Spidey's new suit looks as though it fell straight out of a classic comic, and something about Keaton's follicles makes me think that it's the closest natural approximation of whatever was meant to be on Norman's head in the original books. Because I'm pretty sure that a crazy white businessman created in the early Sixties wasn't actually meant to be wearing cornrows.

Remember when Alan Cummings was going to play him in the musical? That could've been a thing.


Bonus Question!

Loki versus Dionysus! Battle of the gods Alan Cummings has played!

I'm reasonably certain that "The Bacchae" wouldn't have been a significantly different play if the lead god hadn't been switched out with the Norse one. Well, I suppose that the title might.

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