Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

May 14th Show at Saving Gigi


At 8:00 on the 14th of May! Saturday night, babes! We'll be bringing our tempestuous rock-and-roll to the stage of Saving Gigi for a charity event of some sort. There's no cover charge, but donations are going to support cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital. That's the department where my mother works! I didn't even know that when I agreed to play this show!

I mean . . . I knew that my mother worked there. But I didn't know that this was a cancer benefit show. So. Bonus.

Anyway, the address is 859 Bloor Street West. Right near Ossington Station. Oh, and there's a raffle!

And I just made new Hot Apollo garments to throw out to you guys at random points during the show! Catch!

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