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“The Nice Guys”. Watched. Shane Black, yeah? “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” was probably the first of his movies I saw, though I don’t think that I really knew the name until “Iron Man 3”. The former was also my first experience with Robert Downey, and it could be fair to say that it had the greatest influence on my desire to see this film. A lot of Black’s works contain points of resonance with each other, but “The Nice Guys” felt to me like a particularly worthy successor to the one with the kisses and the bangs. But it’s set in the Seventies instead of Christmas. A fair chunk of it takes place at a discotheque, though, and disco is almost like the Christmas of music. I’m not talking about Christmas music. That’s music about Christmas.


I missed the very beginning. I’m not sure, but I think that it contained a narration of some sort. I say this because the film concluded with one that appeared to be a continuation of a monologue of which I was unaware. Not much was lost to me from this, but it felt momentarily odd.

Actually, the last 90 seconds might have been around Christmas. I think that there were some decorations in that last scene.


Bonus Question!

Hanukkah of music? Jazz.

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