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Ghost Mom

I recently saw. "Mother's Day". I do enjoy these big ensemble holiday films. Never stop making them. If you run out of popular holidays, you can reach back to some old Roman traditions or something. Those guys had loads of holidays. I've heard some theorise that that was what precipitated the downfall of their empire. Make a Lemuria movie or something. Finding love and ritually warding against household ghosts with all the stars who happened to be on hand. It's a good time.


Bonus Question! 

Best nonexistent holiday movie? 

"Leap Dave Williams". Seriously. How was that never made? It had the things that made my kindergarten self a Jim Carrey fanatic. Seeing those brief snippets was like hearing a clip from a fictional song in a movie that wasn't on the soundtrack. Like the B-52's' "Bedrock Twitch". Make that too! Put it on the "Leap Dave Williams" soundtrack! Who even cares? 

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