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The ending of "Kubo" reminded me of one of those "X-Men" stories where Magneto contracts amnesia somehow and gets inadvertently rehabilitated into a fresh, ostensibly powerless civilian who finally finds in his new existence the happiness that had so persisently eluded the fraught man he formerly was. Until something brings his memories back at a later point and sets him on a path of havoc. But the movie ended before that second part. Which probably suited this film better. For one thing, it didn't seem to involve Chris Claremont. But at least the idea's out there if there's some desperate call for a sequel.


Bonus Question! 

Chris Claremont versus Chris Carter!

Battle of dangling tangly plot threads!

Even if I didn't have a warmer spot in the heart for Claremont, I'd probably give it to him for sheer length. From the Seventies to the early Nineties without a break. That dude's stories grew some serious vines.

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