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Meet the Battles

Alex Ross, eminent comic book painter, released this recently.

It's a battle between two characters of extreme martial renown, accepting the idea that the perception of each has been magnificently exaggerated. Batman's like The Beatles for comic books. Despite relatively humble beginnings, he's been raised to a position of glory that threatens to eclipse reality. Like them, he's also incredibly versatile, and he's good enough to avoid making such impossible praise seem unearned. If a value approaches infinity, a lot of people are just going to call it infinite.

On the other hand, I'd compare Boba Fett to Brian Jones. He still has some inherent greatness, but he never really got a chance to thoroughly fulfill the legend ascribed to him. He had a good look and some clear talent, and he definitely took some actions that put some balls into a rolling motion, but he was removed from the board before he could comfortably display the full breadth of his skills. 


Bonus Question! Batman versus Boba Fett?

I'm pretty sure that I just answered this.  

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