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Ban! Ban! Superman!

Hearing about Mark Zuckerberg's attack on Trump over the refugee ban  on the weekend was like watching a battle between Jesse Eisenberg from "The Social Network" and Jesse Eisenberg from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". But this probably isn't the dawn. Maybe it's closer to the dark part right before the dawn that people are always talking about. 

Of justice.

Actually, do you remember when Lex Luthor was president?

It wasn't the Jesse Eisenberg version, and I wasn't really reading DC at the time, but I'm pretty sure that the only immigrant he would have banned was Superman. And that was mainly because he was jealous of his crazy alien powers. Does Trump think that Muslims have crazy alien powers? They've literally been living under Earth's yellow sun for this entire time. You'd think that someone would have noticed. 

Unless wide swathes of Mesopotamia have been affected by some sort of massive red sun radiation generator?

Ooh. Maybe Samson's hair wasn't the source of his power. Maybe it just shielded him from the red sun field.


Bonus Question!

Where did ancient Mesopotamians get a red sun radiation generator?


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