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Hot Cole, Warm Luke


I don't think that I've ever seen anyone look more like a Fiona Staples drawing than Luke Perry does in this picture. In fairness, there's an infinitesimal possibility that my eyes have been subtly affected by reading "Saga" in the last 24 hours. I doubt it, though. 

But still. 

That has to bode well for the "Riverdale" show, doesn't it? Old Fiona definitely helped start Archie's new comic out on the right foot. 

There are probably people for whom the experience of seeing Luke Perry on television again is akin to what I might get from seeing Cole Sprouse. "Suite Life" saw me through some weird times in the previous decade. Maybe it played into them? I don't know. That was mostly when I actually watched what was on. Can you imagine? Although I do remember making some sort of effort to seek out episodes of the cruise ship spinoff on YouTube after being away from the Suitiverse for a while. For closure or something? Whatever. I haven't seen that dude in years. I was sitting in a cafe a week ago when my friend told me that Zack was playing Jughead. My first reaction was "Are you sure?" I'd seen a picture of him from the show at that point, and my mind did not connect the face to that guy. Within a few moments of her claim, I was somewhat open to the idea that he could have been Cody. But no. He is Cole-Zack Sprouse. And I was surprised. In the direction of pleasantness.

Bonus Question!

Best new hyphenated name?

Cole-Zack! Move over, Billy-Bob!

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