Hot Apollo

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Judi Dench the X-Dame


I wasn't paying attention when I bought my "Return of Xander Cage" ticket, and I inadvertently purchased one to that kind of cinema with the shaky chairs and water effects. It's like that "Star Wars" ride from Disney World. Can I still say that? Have they built the other "Star Wars" stuff yet? For decades, that phrase has always been understood in reference to "Star Tours". Flying around the galaxy on a galactic cruise by a protocol droid with a familiar persona. And the seats shake. Oh, no! Imperial fighters! Or something.

But the movie was pretty good. The other surprise of the night was seeing Toni Colette again. If Vin Diesel can be called X-treme James Bond, she was basically playing X-treme Judi Dench. Maybe that should be X-treMe Judi Dench? Because M. 

But yeah. Delightful.

Bonus Question!

Imbolc's upon us. In which direction does Xander Cage dance around the festival fire?

Vin Deasil.

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