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A show about Professor X's son is  out. They ditched the extreme hair, but they kept the dissociative identity disorder and its attendant powers. It's one power set for each personality? Or a personality for each power set? It's a bit of a chicken-egg situation. But that's what the X-Men are all about. Mutation's why the chicken hatched from an egg that was laid by something slightly different from a chicken. Also, a lot of chickens seem to possess multiple heads. Mutation!

But first the dude who actually played Professor X is giving his own take on DID in that "Split" movie. Heredity! A related genetic concept!

But I've heard whispers that the next actual X-Men movie might touch more on that Phoenix business? Which . . . There are probably more novel places to go, but I can understand Bryan Singer's urge to give that plot a just screen treatment after "The Last Stand" took the threads he'd woven for it in "X2" and pulled them into a frayed mess because no one could wait for him to finish "Superman Returns" with his best buddy James Marsden before returning to his rightful place atop the X-Men film throne. The throne is obviously cruciform. 

But yeah. "X2" basically set up the Phoenix pins, and then "The Last Stand" wandered in and threw a watermelon at them. It definitely wasn't a strike, and it left gross bits of watermelon all over the lane. Now, I personally enjoyed "The Last Stand" more than I like watermelon, but it was clear to see that it had nothing to do with the vision Singer left in the air at the end of "X2". But on the subject of vision, I can say that Cyclops's shades never looked better than they did in "Last Stand". And apparently they were all that survived his fiery kiss death in that movie. Technically, they had more screen time in that film than he did. So.

Bonus Question!

Best Cyclops sunglasses?

See above.

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