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Doctors and Dragon Balls


I do believe that the latest “Doctor Who” holiday special was my favourite. For one thing, it was about the idea of a superhero, which is  a pretty easy route to my heart. Its guest star did an excellent job in that role, and his portrayal of his heroic persona’s secret identity immediately brought to mind an adult Peter Parker. Then I began to think that I recognised the actor from something. A modicum of research revealed that the only thing from which this vague familiarity could have possibly come was “Dragon Ball Evolution”, that live “Dragon Ball” movie that barely bore any resemblance to any other form of “Dragon Ball”. But the actor’s charm was still pretty apparent in that Goku role, and the incoherent choice to make him a high school student in that film helped to reinforce the feel of a teenage Peter Parker. For having essentially  played Spider-Man at both developmental stages without ever explicitly playing Spider-Man, Justin Chatwin gets some serious love from me. And an award? It’s the season for that. I just don’t know if there’s any award show that’s specifically about Spider-Man minutiae. There are the Webby Awards, but I think that those are mainly about the internet. Anyway. Just saying. Saiyan? Shh. No. But if there were Spider-Man awards with such esoteric categories, this would be the year to give him one in apology for passing him over when that “Dragon Ball” thing came out. Because that’s how award shows work.

Bonus Question!

Best Spider-Man reference that’s not actually a Spider-Man reference?

The special was called “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. It’s actually just referring to the title of “Doctor Who” in some other language.

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