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I remember hoping on some level for "Logan" to be a kind of cinematic successor to "Blunt Talk", and while Xavier was suitably demential to provide a taste of that dynamic, a flavour closer to the fore was that of "Dos Equis: The Movie". I suppose that that's appropriate. With Professor X and Weapon X, there were at least two prominent X's in this movie.


Incidentally, I love how they portray the extent to which Logan's a broken man by making him an Uber driver.


But anyway. A big part of the movie was about Wolvie's efforts to protect his much younger lady clone from a slightly younger evil clone. Logan does tend to be involved in a lot of plots that are largely brought about by some shadowy organisation's desire to make their own versions of him. Sabretooth. Deadpool. Laura.


But wasn't that basically what happened to the whole comic book industry in the Nineties? Every company wanted an easily marketable copy of Wolverine to capitalise on the feral dude's success. Bloodwulf. Cougar. Shadowhawk.


One could probably make a case for Jean-Paul Batman too, but my first memory of him was formed from picking out his toy at a store to my quondam cottage. How could I resist? I was obsessed with Batman at the time, and this version fixed one of his major deficiencies: shininess.


Of course, I'd later learn that the deficiency the character was actually created to correct was that of abstention from murder, but when you glimmer like that, such things can be more easily forgiven.


Bonus Question!


What can't be so easily forgiven?


I mean . . . Look. It's fine. They didn't go with the last movie's Mister Sinister tease for Laura's origin. That's alright. But they bothered to put Richard E. Grant in this movie. How does one cast that dude in an X-Men movie without making him Mister Sinister? This is on the level of getting Ben Kingsley to play a Marvel villain who isn't the Vulture. Were the X-Men guys holding out for Alan Rickman? They realise that he's dead, don't they?


But ultimately, both are acceptable largely because those actors are fantastic enough to make me delight in their appearances anyway. Although I didn't know that Grant was in this while I was watching him. I just thought, "Oh! That guy almost looks like Richard E. Grant. Man, Richard E. Grant would make a great Sinister."

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