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In light of her character's initial trajectory, Aubrey Plaza seemed unusually optimistic in "Legion". I really did enjoy how she and David played off each other. What was that Paul Giamatti movie where the kid checks himself in to a mental clinic for nervous exhaustion or something and bonds with a girl patient over T. Rex? I was actually quite fond of that movie. Anyway, a similar dynamic was on display here. I do enjoy that trope of young mental patients in like.

When I was in hospital as a teenager, our ward's intercom system was broken, which meant that we had to ring actual metal bells to signal the nurses. They called our section the Anita Ward. 

Most of that's untrue. I just wanted to get that joke in.

One of my other favourite parts of the episode was the moment when I finally stopped struggling to place the interrogator's face. "The New Adventures of Old Christine"! I knew that the main recognition point was something tonally different. It's such relief when that effort culminates. Man, that show had a great cast too. The intial draw for me was Wanda Sykes, but the dude in this show proved to be fantastic, and by the time at which I finally got around to watching it, I knew the former husband better from his Agent Coulson role in the Marvel movies. Hm. With this guy's "Legion" role, that gives "New Adventures" two silly men who went on to play suited, stoic government types in Marvel properties. 


Bonus Question!

Where did you last see Wanda Sykes?

I've just started watching "Alpha House", a relatively recent John Goodman show, and I was pleasantly surprised when Wanda Sykes showed up to hang out in the middle of the season.


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