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Death by Adventure

I was drawn in to see "The Last Word" by a Lily Tomlin mood. She wasn't in the movie, but I can only guess that any sense of familiarity I have with Shirley MacLaine, the film's lead, comes largely from my appreciation of Lily's work. I just can't think where I would have seen Shirley. But if the two of them had a third sister, she'd be Frau from "Austin Powers". But they're not sisters anyway. So.


The plot prominently featured a radio station, which happened to share a spot on the dial with Q107, a Toronto station that accompanied me on many high school nights. The film's station marketed itself in the independent music category instead of classic rock, butboth played The Kinks. The film even ended with "Waterloo Sunset", a song that I cherish mainly because one of my best friends used to force it on me over my personal preferences from the band.
The movie was about a woman who commissions her own obituary because she wants to insure that it meets her standards. I can only say that I don't want mine to use the phrase "death by misadventure". Take that prefix out. "Death by adventure", baby. That's how it's got to be. It's a pretty safe bet that I'll go out by doing something foolish. My vices don't tend to be self-destructive in any real physical sense, and I can't see how old age would suit me. That really just leaves ignorance of immediate danger. What form will that danger take? Who can say? But I'm probably going to be having a good time when it takes me. Thus "death by adventure".


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Bonus Question!


Personal preference from The Kinks?


The one with "Fa fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa!"

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