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A Reboot Anomaly


I've started watching a bit of "Penny Dreadful". Right now, it feels like a smurry mash of many of things I liked about "Moulin Rouge!" and the filmic version of "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Incidentally, I've heard that the latter lacks many of the things other people liked about its comic book source. I came to the comic later, and it was particularly good in its earlier iterations, but I still think  that the movie was really made to show me most of what I wanted to see.


Oh. And the 2004 "Van Helsing" movie. This show feels like that too. Which I also liked! But again. I don't seem to be in the majority on this. I heard about plans to remake that with Tom Cruise in the lead role? Which they're also doing with "The Mummy". That just seems mildly odd to me. Usually, remakes are made with younger stars in their ascendant stages. Instead, Brendan Fraser and Hugh Jackman are being replaced by a dude who was already on top before they'd even started on the ladder. And he's never really stopped being bigger than they are. No discredit to those dudes. I love the guys. "George of the Jungle" was an early jam for me. "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was fantastic, and while its loose sequels are fine in their own rights, I wouldn't mind seeing the Bren come back like Big Vinny in the renaissant films of the "XXX" and "Fast and Furious" franchises. Just put that dude in more stuff.


But yeah. Tom Cruise. Dude has not stopped being a draw.


Bonus Question!


If they rebooted a Tom Cruise movie and put Tom Cruise back in his role, what would it be?


"Interview with a Vampire" comes instantly to mind for some reason. But also maybe "Legend"? With Jemaine Clement. Because Tim Curry's got to keep moving.


Unless maybe they make another "Wild Thornberrys" movie. I could imagine him putting in a few hours on a microphone to revisit that.

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