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Rocky Stardust

I kept thinking about "Rocky Horror" while I was watching the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. I couldn't stop imagining that the gold guys were this staid, repressive culture from which the Transylvanians exiled themselves. They immigrated to Earth because its primitive nature didn't present any impediment to their hedonism. The gold dudes also make Adam Warlock at the end, and he's almost like a cosmic Rocky. With a touch of Ziggy Stardust. Rocky Stardust. Anyway, that's where my head went. Following from that, the Ravagers looked like regular attendees of the "Rocky Horror" stage show. Is that still a thing? Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

I remember being shown "Starman" by my mother as a young child. "Guardians" prompted her to reminisce on her youthful infatuation with a young Kurt Russell, which made me wonder if that's what led her to bring "Starman" to me. But she didn't remember it. And then I discovered that Jeff Bridges was in "Starman" instead of Kurt Russell. But my hazy recollection of that movie makes it seem like a loose sort of spiritual prequel to the story of Star-Lord. Mystical alien dude comes down to Earth with hair for the 80s and shares his love and his seed with a local lady. Boom! That's how Peter Quills are made.

But I still don't know why my mother showed me "Starman".

Bonus Question!

Best ship?

Best ship? The one that looked like the Heart of Gold. Although the Milano is basically a B-2 stealth bomber with a garish paint job instead of stealth, which actually makes it sound like a better choice as I say this.

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