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Fury of the Fateful

I was almost deterred from seeing "Fate of the Furious" by reports, apparently hailing from the Internet Movie Database, that claimed a run time in the area of three hours. I tend to get restless around the second third of that, and a fun popcorn movie would wane in efficacy for me with that bloat. But no. I think that it's actually shorter than the first one. Restraint? That seems uncharacteristic of the franchise. Tightness. That's more on brand.

Also, before I learned of the true length, I heard that Helen Mirren was in it. Which is lovely. Obviously. Whatever. But she actually campaigned to be in it. And maybe they actually brought everyone back to add her in or something? I don't really know. But her passion drew my interest, and  by the time I discovered the movie's real size, I was already swaying back around.

But I've heard similar claims about the length of the Justice League film. What gives, IMDB? Why are you trying to talk me out of seeing these crazed gigantic action movies I cherish so? Cease this subtle calumny. At least when your criticisms are based on taste, I know that they don't apply to me.

Bonus Question!

So? How was she?

Dame Helen delivers, dude. A drastic departure that deserves a look from her devotees. It'd be worth the ticket even if the movie weren't. But it is. Which basically means that you're getting in to "Fate" at half price.

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