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Disco Dance Shatner Battle

I had a disco dream. It was one of those battling ones. An intense dance competition. The stuff of legends. Or movies from the 80s at least. Also, much of the supposed dancing seemed to involve knee slides across floors with the frictional level of ice. But that probably just made it more intense. And my opponent was a 70s version of William Shatner that never existed. Like . . . He had the hirsuteness of David Hasselhoff in his prime. He was slightly burlier, for this was Shat was  somewhat beyond the baby face mode of the Kirk years, but the man could still move. In a way that the actual William probably never could? This man was fictional to a high degree. He seemed like a good fellow, though. We had some laughs after I won. Close game.

Bonus Question!

Any version of Shatner versus any version of Hasselhoff in a disco dance battle?

Probably Hoff.

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